Did you know that the birth of your baby can be a calm and relaxed experience?

Dear Mum-to-be

So…. You are pregnant. Well, first of all congratulations and welcome to my site.

If the thought of your upcoming birth is scaring the maternity pants of you and you are frustrated by the negativity around pregnancy and birth, then Hypnobirthing is for you. It is the ultimate “Fearless Birth Program” that equips you and your birth partner with knowledge and tools which will give you the confidence to trust in the process of giving birth to your baby. You will feel more relaxed and calm, no matter what direction your journey takes.

Why would you choose me over any other Hypnobirthing Practitioner? What makes me the woman for the job? Well, besides having 14 years of experience as a Hypnobirthing Childbirth Educator, plus 6 years as a birth attendant or doula, I am very passionate about empowering pregnant mothers and their birth companions and helping them feel less stressed about the upcoming birth. I am so confident about this that I can guarantee you to give you your money back if at the end of the course your view of birth hasn’t changed.

Currently I am running the program in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne.  If that doesn’t suit you, I am happy to come to you. Have car will travel. Just call me on 0411 037306 for availability.

Should you have reservations about Hypnobirthing, why don’t you check out some of the testimonials or call me on 0411 037306 for an obligation free chat. You may also want to check out the course dates.

If Hypnobirthing definitely isn’t your thing, I am running Birth workshops for dads which are designed to turn any dad into a childbirth legend.

I am looking forward to your email or phone call.

Warmest wishes


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